Guest Satisfaction Leads Directly To Higher Sales

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Are guests satisfied, did we make them happy, will they come back. These are the driving questions asked daily by restaurant managers all over the country.

So much goes in to the dining experience and every interaction with every staff member has the potential to create the WOW! Moment.

Food, Service, Beverages and the hardest to measure, Atmosphere all combine to create that sense of satisfaction that customers can’t wait to share with friends & family. We are barraged with new tools to collect data on absolutely everything but the hard part is turning that data in to knowledge we can use.

With same-store sales falling we need to look at the businesses that get it right and ask why; what did they do a can any of that help in our business?

We need to take time out and assess the basic points, if you feel that you are too busy to do that then you are the exact business that should.

  • Understand (and predict) our customers’ needs.
  • What do we do well, that we are good at?
  • What don’t we do well, where do we need to improve?
  • What is our competition doing? (that perhaps we don’t!)

One question that has served me well over the years is what did I used to do that for some reason I got away from? Process creep affects us all and a good idea that you once implemented has fallen in to routine and is in need of repair.

Understand that the true measurement of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty is the same thing…. Do they come back again and again?

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