Mobile Phones has Forever Changed the Dining Experience

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Peoples’ passion for sharing food photos, staying in-touch and telling the world about their favourite restaurants is squarely centered on their phone.

From making the reservation, to getting directions, to reviewing the menu, to posting on Facebook …the cell phone is there. The cell phone has empowered your customers to advertise your business in the most intimate of ways with their personal seal of approval. Once a personal recommendation reached a handful of their friends and colleagues, now it reaches thousands through social media and popular site.

It’s clear that way to your customers heart goes straight through their phone.

One of the reasons people impulsively reach for a phone in a restaurant is to take a picture: Instagram and Facebook is flooded with them at a rate that is unimaginable. In 2014 it was 90 new photos were uploaded to Instagram every minute, that number now is 42,000 a minute and rising. Unsurprisingly, mobile phones continue to be a major force in our business with the average customer looking at their phone 4 to 5 times during the meal. A recent survey reveals that fully a third of the population eat every meal with their phone by their side; breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It’s clear that phones are here to stay and we must use that to our advantage, to create advocates for our business and harness those WOW! Moments.

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