ChargUp USA wi-fi level

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Remotely control the advertising message that your customers see instantly through the internet from anywhere..

two-sided 7” wide angle LCD screens allows you to show videos, pictures, commercials, specials indeed anything your imagination can concoct in high colour definition. 

All this and the added benefit to allow your customers to quickly charge their phones at the table.



Colour:             Black
Input:               DC 12V / 2A
Output:            5V / Max 6A
2*2A USB ports + 4 *2A Plug
Dimensions:    320mm x 108mm x 160mm
[12.6” x 4.3” x 6.3”]
Surface:             Fire-resistant ABS
Capacity:           20,800mAh up to 4 devices
Certification:    CE, RoHS, FCC