ChargUp USA pods

Give your customers the power to roam. pods…. free your customers to experience all your business has to offer in a small powerful charger that looks and feels as good as it works. 

Pods also answers the challenge of limited space; simply house behind the counter or bar.

it’s a ‘WOW! Factor’ your customers won’t forget.

Charge a device in around 2 hours, encouraging your customers to stay in your premises while their device recharges. Each battery pack has a capacity of 2600mAh with an output of 2.1A to give a rapid full charge for up to two devices.


ChargUp USA pods a simple and elegant way to energize your customers giving them the freedom to roam your business and enjoy all you have to offer.
You have spent time, money and imagination to create an environment that your customers feel comfortable in and then they look at their phone, see the battery is almost empty and… dead phone anxiety.
This will drive them out of your business in search of a charger quicker than you would like.
Energize your customers. Let your customers charge their phone while they stay with you comfortable in the knowledge that their not missing any messages or calls. Give them the power to post on Instagram and other sites that they are excited to be in your business. Each compact pod will charge up a phone from dead to full in around a couple of hours. Pods answer the question of limited counter space, just position where you like; behind the bar or under a counter, anywhere you like.

Technical Data.

Colours:        Black and White
Surface:         Smooth touch coating
Certification:  CE, RoHS, FOC

Capacity:                    2600 mAh @3.7V
Input:                         5V / 1.5A
Output:                      Micro USB and lightning (5V /2.1A)
Size:                            102.8mm x 42.5mm x 22mm
[Approx. 4”x2”x1”]
Power Indicator:      5 LED indicators
Charging Time:        Approx. 2 hrs by USB 1.5A

Base Unit
Input:                       100-240 V/AC 50/60Hz, 1.5A
Output:                      DC 5V, 1.5A x 8