Remember Us? ….the baby boomers

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We have money to spend and Facebook pages to update.

While the advertising world continues to chase millennials (and Gen Z and… whoever comes after) and their elusive dollar, they seem to have forgotten about us; The Baby Boomers.

All the technology that everyone is so dependent on was developed and manufactured by us. We saw this world in our imagination and created it while at the same time creating the generations that now rely on it for almost everything they do.

Now we are out and about with time on our hands and money in our pocket. There are almost as many Baby Boomers as there is millennials but only a fraction of the advertising dollars spent go in pursuit of this well-healed group. Over 75% of Baby Boomers own a cell phone and are on-line spending over $7 billion annually. Boomers account for over $3 trillion in spending in our economy.

Facebook. We own Facebook and social media; at last count nearly 80% of us are avid user of Facebook and while we may not fill the page with every thought that crosses our mind we are there and looking. We are the “eyeballs” that advertisers covert, we are keeping up on family, grandkids, friends and all the while reading the ad content. We are out snapping pictures, taking selfies and posting them on-line letting everyone know we are at your business and enjoying life.

Advertisers don’t forget us. Businesses don’t forget us. We like to treated right, respected and feel valued. We are the loyal, repeat customers you are looking for.

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